"I haven't had that much fun in years! I'm ready to do it again!"

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Y TRAVEL? (Y Not?)

Better to have a passport full of stamps and the associated experiences than a house full of “stuff.” You could just sit on your sofa eating potato chips, watching travelogues (or Judge Judy), but there is nothing like actually going somewhere new and trying something new. Plus, you won’t put on as many pounds doing it for real.

Seeing new places, meeting interesting people, and learning about their cultures and countries is incredibly broadening and helps you to better understand and appreciate your own existence. Sharing your experiences with others, to include your fellow travelers, is a great way to better understand the world around you.

Of course, if you have done any traveling to speak of, you know full well of what we speak. You don’t need to be convinced, just reminded to do it more often.


ON THE ROAD AGAIN (Travel well…and often)

Whether you travel frequently or just occasionally, first class or otherwise, long distance or locally, do it in style. To accomplish this, you have to look for “value,” which means more than mere price checking. If you do it smartly, you may find that going in style can cost you little or no more than trying to pinch pennies. And why spend more than the person in the seat next to you for the same benefit? Armed with the right information, you can get the biggest bang for your travel buck and make life much more enjoyable, with as little manual labor on your part as possible.

“Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before.” – Anonymous